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Père Jacques

"The greatest proof of trust you could give God is to accept from the depths of your heart, that His will be done in you, no matter what it be."

Born: 29th January 1900
Died: 2nd June 1945


On 29th January 1900, Lucien Bunel was born in France. He was ordained a priest  in July, 1925. As a diocesan priest Lucien gained a reputation as a fine preacher and teacher.  He was a very kind, generous, hard working, and self-giving man, which resulted his students referring to him as "il santo".  

 Father Lucien contracted typhoid fever two and a half years after being ordained.  While he was recovering, he felt an attraction to monastic life and realized his independent spirit needed a strict Rule of life.  His friendship with a community of Carmelite Nuns, and inspired by the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux, Lucien decided to enter Carmel.

In 1931 he entered the Discalced Carmelite Father and became known as Jacques de Jesus.

In time he was appointed director of a progressive boys' school at Fortainebleau.  During the Nazi occupation of France, Pere Jacques secretly hid Jewish boys. In 1944 he was arrested and sent in succession to four of the most dreaded concentration camps of that time. 

Pere Jacques began his new ministry of love in the prisons.  After long days of forced labour, he continued his priestly ministry preaching of God's love and mercy.   He gave away to others not only any extra food but the small allotted portions. He was always thinking of those more needy than he.

After the liberation of the prisoners of Mathausen in 1945, he gave up his seat in a transport truck and walked three miles to the nearest hospital.  Three days later, worn out from his imprisonment, Pere Jacques died.


Film showing the story of Père Jacques

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